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    The martial arts field is exceedingly diverse, including everything from the well-known Japanese art of karate to the Korean Taekwondo. A popular form of exercise as well as mental and spiritual development, nearly 20 million Americans enjoy the health benefits of trained, regimented self-defense. If you own or operate a martial arts studio, FitSecure is here to provide the insurance coverage you deserve.

    Strong, Disciplined Approach to Protection

    FitSecure is the perfect insurance plan for martial arts facilities.

    Martial arts is all about self-defense and discipline, teaching children and adults how to find order in their lives through a series of organized moves and routines. The legacy of this form of fitness dates back thousands of years, indicating a history of practice enjoyed around the world. A popular educational tool for young people as well as a method of exercise and strength training, martial arts has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity in the U.S. that shows no signs of stopping.

    However, modern martial arts studios operate like any other standard business, requiring a premises, financial accounts, employees and insurance coverage. The first three are simple, but the last may prove to be problematic. As in any field where injury is likely, finding the right approach to coverage isn’t always easy. Fortunately, FitSecure is here to design the ideal insurance plan for your martial arts facilities.

    Custom Approach to Insurance Care.

    we are here to help you build a customized policy

    Due to the variation between the forms of martial arts and the increased risk for personal injury and general liability, insurance coverage for martial arts studios is not as clear cut as it sounds. While a general commercial insurance company may provide much of the coverage you’ll need to protect yourself from lawsuits, there may be gaps in your policy that won’t be apparent until it is too late.

    FitSecure is a national insurance agency working exclusively with fitness facilities. We understand that every business requires a distinct combination of coverage options and we are here to help you build a customized policy. Our agents specialize in the fitness space, creating personalized packages from major carriers that can provide the protection your martial arts studio needs.

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    Without the right insurance coverage for your fitness center or health club, you may be inadvertently risking ongoing concern. Instead of leaving your business vulnerable, ensure that you have the preferred coverage for your business with FitSecure. With a focus on superior quality and service within the fitness industry, we’re here to provide the protection you need. Call today to get a customized quote!
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